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The company gives an opportunity for everyone to increase their starting capital in the most promising and developing field in cryptocurrencies.

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Smart Crypto Trade owns all the necessary resources for the success of trade-related digital currencies at the cryptocurrency exchanges.


The specialists of the company, from analysts to traders watch online everything that happens on the cryptocurrency market and, based on the obtained data, build effective strategies.


We are working on:

  • individual assessment of each cryptocurrency;
  • calculation of probability of increase or decrease rates;
  • collecting important information from the world's leading resources;
  • daily adjusted trading strategies.

As a result of this approach to its work, the company achieves positive results and generates stable profit in the long run.



We have prepared a information about Smart Crypto Trade from which, you can find out more about the activities of Smart Crypto Trade,our offers and opportunities:

  • about our investment plan;
  • about the goals and challenges faced by the company;
  • about the structure of the affiliate program;
  • about the possibilities for you as an investor.
High and stable profitability with minimal risks, as well as a high quality of customer support.
Most open cooperation with investors that guarantees success in the future.
Application of effective methods to ensure investment safety and users’ all confidential data.

The official company

The company is officially registered in the UK. We carry out fully legitimate activity; work in the legal field in a given jurisdiction.

Each investor can see all the registration documents directly on the official website of Smart Crypto Trade or visit the website of the registration authority which gave the company all the necessary documents.

The legality of our activities is a guarantee of reliable cooperation for each investor, within the framework of established company rules and legislative framework.

Company number 11162357

12 West Road, London, United Kingdom, N17 0XL


an experienced team made up of professionals with experience of at least five years in related areas;


own technical innovations and time-tested trading strategy;


a guarantee of stable and timely payments for everyone who joined our company.

1 level7%
2 level2%
3 level1%

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The Affiliate program

The development of any successful company depends on building an effective network of partners. That’s why, the specialists of the marketing department has been tasked to develop the most profitable affiliate programs for its members. As the result, the three - level program was approved with attractive interest rates. You will get:

  • 7 % оfrom the deposit partner of the first level;
  • 2 % from the deposit partner of the second level;
  • 1 % from the deposit partner of the third level

Get a basic or extra income through our affiliate program.