6.66% daily

Term 21 days

Min Max
10 usd 10000 usd

The body of the contribution included
в accruals

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Smart Crypto Trade
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is a professional team which engaged in trade of digital currencies on the global markets. Now you can join us.

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amount of deposit
10 $
10000 $
Profit per day
0.666 $
Profit for the period
13.986 $

Investment conditions

In the framework of cooperation Smart Crypto Trade offers one investment plan with a single interest rate. During its development, we comprehensively analyzed the profitability of the company.


In accordance with the average interest rate of 6.66 % and the investment period of 21 days will allow us to consistently calculate and pay the profit to investors and members of the affiliate program.

Investors get the opportunity to have passive income from two directions at once: by opening a deposit in the amount from $ 10 up to $ 10,000 and expanding their own structure of referral earnings. As a result, you will need to withdraw funds from your account from time to time. For this you just need to make four simple steps. Start with the first one right now.

  Join to us
In order to become an official investor, go through the simple registration procedure.
Make up your mind the deposit amount, select the payment system and make a deposit.
Exactly one day after you deposit into your account the profit will be credited.
You can order withdrawal of the profit that will be transferred to you to these details.

The launching of collaboration

You only have to determine the size of the deposit (this will depend on the size of your daily profits) and make a contribution in his personal account.

Since the moment, as the contribution will be credited to the account, all operational, organizational and commercial processes will be done by the employees of the company Smart Crypto Trade. You will only need to log in your personal account and to withdraw profits.


You get interest every day on your personal account. The interest is 6.66% from the investment amount. It includes net profit and part of the deposit body.

There are no withdrawal restrictions. You can withdraw any available amount displayed on your personal account at any day time.

Upon the 21st day expiry, your investment income will amount 140%. After that you can re-open the deposit with any amount

Guarantees for investors

Smart Crypto Trade provides each investor guarantees of stable charges and charges of the profits under regulation. Firstly, we work officially and are legally responsible for our obligations to investors.

Secondly, we opened a special account in a financial institution, which will be deducted part of the daily profits of the company. This account is a kind of reserve fund, which will be the guarantee that even in case of unsuccessful trading sessions we will be able without delay to calculate and pay profit to investors.

We appreciate each of the investor and want our collaboration be productive and long-term.