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Rules and Agreements

 General provisions

1.1. The section contains the key provisions governing the relationship of the client (further the Investor) and the company's Smart Crypto Trade LTD (further the Company).

1.2. Registration of the investor shall be made only after a detailed acquaintance with all provisions of this Agreement. Account creation is a sign of the consent of the Investor on compliance with all clauses of the Agreement.

1.3. Right to register on the website have only persons over the age of 18.

1.4. Rights and obligations of all Investors are equal. Each investor can use all services of this website.

1.5. The company reserves the right to change and to extend these rules without any notice to Investors.

1.6. The company is officially registered; investment activity is regulated by the current legislation of the UK.

1.7. The arguments between the company and the Investor shall be resolved through peaceful negotiation and according to the law.

 The provisions on the rights and responsibilities of Investors

2.1. The company undertakes to provide investment services and to do all provisions of the rules along with the Investor.

2.2. The investor must provide only real personal data and all information necessary for registration.

2.3. Responsibility for the accuracy and actuality of the provided information, including payment details for withdrawal lies with the Investor. The company is not responsible for errors in information input by the Investor.

2.4. The investor has right to engage third parties to receive commissions for their investment activities under the terms of the affiliate program.

2.5. The attendance of a third party should not contradict the current legislation.

 The provisions on the rights and obligations of the Company

3.1 The company is obliged to follow all the points of the Agreement.

3.2. The company is responsible for the operation of the site and all services.

3.3. For non-perfomance to Investors, the Company is responsible in accordance with the law.

3.4. All transactions are processed by the Company within a specified period according to the investment plan

3.5. The company has the right to make the distribution of information materials and notifications by e-mail Investors with the purpose of the alerts about changes and innovations in the activities of the Company.

3.6. The copyright in the entire site owned by the company. Information on the website is protected by copyright Law.

 Provisions on the principles of investing

4.1. Decisions about investment and cooperation with the Company will be made exclusively by the investor without the influence of the Company.

4.2. Investment Fund is formed from funds belonging to the Company, and the profits.

4.3. The company is obliged to pay the profit from investment activities of Investors according to the terms of the investment plan.

4.4. At the end of the investment plan, the Investor can make a deposit once again.


5.1. The administration of the company has the right to revise the terms of this Agreement.

5.2. The company has the right to change and expand the regulations on their own.

5.3. Innovations and additions shall enter into legal effect immediately after the publication of this Agreement.